gest.js by @hadi_michael

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this presentation has been updated for v0.5.0


... is a webcam based gesture recognition library that helps developers make webpages more immersive.

It can enable the use of mid-air hand gestures to control elements on a webpage.


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Algorithm overview


Starting and Stopping

gest.start(); //start detecting gestures

gest.stop(); //stop detecting gestures

Listen for recognised gestures

Use the .options.subscribeWithCallback(...) function to listen for gestures:

gest.options.subscribeWithCallback(function(gesture) {
  //handle gesture  

Event Object


You can also set options using:

gest.options.sensitivity(85); //pixel color-change sensitivity

gest.options.skinFilter(true); //HSV skin filtering

gest.options.debug(true); //set debug mode

gest.js is on github at